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Waiting for lunch: There are no other birds in our garden when Coop is around looking for supper.

Did we wake you? While my husband and I were on vacation this July, my son went out to barbecue some supper one evening and saw two beady eyes staring up at him from beneath

We had just finished eating an early supper on our back porch, when my husband noticed a movement in the large trees at the back of our yard. Although

Cabbage Roll Soup - This hearty soup is easy to make and is a satisfying meal. Serve with thick slices of whole grain bread.

Four very young fox pups have convened a meeting perhaps to discuss what to have for supper? The pups still have blue eyes which means they are less than 4 weeks old. Eye colour changes from blue to amber at 4 to 5 weeks of age. Ottawa, Ontario

Always a pleasure to watch this Green Heron as it looks for a meal. Goderich, Ontario Canada September 27, 2013

A walk this week through Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada offered up some of the best bear photography that I personally have ever experienced. This was one of 2 sows that we encountered, both having 2 cubs each. This little fellow was my personal favorite with his heart shaped crest of fur. | Photo Series: Animal Kingdom: "Just waiting for supper to fly by" | Sept 2016 Drumbo, Ontario