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Aww they're so little<3

Aww they're so

One Directions on replay they're on replay. DJs got the floor to shake, flior to shake!!

One directions on replay, their on replay. DJ Malik got the floor to shake, the floor to shake. I'm still wide awake!

lol tons of girls would like to touch lou's bum..

What do you hate that your fans do? Zayn: Well it's not nice when they squeeze your hair Niall: Or zqueeze your bum Louis: No, that's ok.

One Direction Lyrics Art: Best Song Ever!! Where can you buy this painting??

Preference 13: Midnight Memories Album (BSE: lyrics from the song you do).

One Direction Lyrics Art: Best Song Ever! Where can you buy this painting?

this is just darling<3 I have one question... AM I JUST STUPID OR DID ZAYN REALLY GO WITH TAYLOR AND HARRY TO NY THAT DAY?!

"Zayn Malik & Lux & Harry Styles" Well Zayn looks thrilled.

One Direction quotes <3.  You'd only understand if u watched their video diaries!!

"I love those diaries." "I like girl who like carrots." "NO, Jimmy protested." "Cause no one likes those." "AHHH the light!" " will you marry me?" "putting on my hat what in the hell does it look like.