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Cloud Nine O Pod

#ZetaOphiuchus, a massive star plowing it's way through the gas and dust floating in space. Zeta Oph is twenty times the Suns mass.

Centaurus A (NGC 5128) : Merging Galaxies - The two merging galaxies are a strong source of X-ray and radio emissions. Data from ALMA and near infrared combine to show the clouds of gas and their positions in Centaurus A with the Doppler effect. The green is moving towards us and the orange spectra is moving away, indicating the gas does orbit the galaxy - Image : © ESO, et al.

Limited edition redheaded Joyeux™ Barbie® doll ~ FAO Schwarz exclusive. In a dazzling, fitted white satin and organza strapless gown that is clouded over with a dramatic, detachable overskirt. For added shimmer, silvery sequins and faux pearls adorn this snowy-white showstopper. A rhinestone tiara and drop earrings complete the festive mood.

OPI — It's in the Cloud (Soft Shades Collection | Spring 2016)

N214C, an emission nebula in the LMC --- N214C is an emission nebula of approximately 160 x 170 light-years across located within the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small satellite of the Milky Way that lies some 163,000 light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Dorado. It is part of the H II region N214, and is a noteworthy region of ongoing star formation.

Cloud Nine - Color Club Holographic

Column of Curls Bouffant - it's as if a cloud formation landed on her head :)