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Sauteed Veal Cutlets with Mushrooms and White Wine

from How To Grow Edible Mushrooms And Grow Rich

How to Become a Profitable Mushroom Grower

Yellow Oyster Mushrooms They are one of the most profitable exotic mushrooms to grow; a huge demand for them. Last year:, 1.5+ million lbs of exotic mushrooms were grown. High demand; very easy to grow; take about 6 weeks from start to harvest time; no full-time commitment necessary. You can still have a full-time job & be a successful mushroom grower. You need just a few hours a week to spare. Sell: $10-$15 per Kg

Visual key      Our illustrated key shows examples of all the major mushrooms genera and other fungi, so you can try to match your find to the pictures. Click on the mushroom name to view all the mushrooms in that group

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'Shrooms With a View: 10 Strange & Beautiful Mushrooms

Also known as Devil’s Tooth or Strawberries and Cream, Bleeding Tooth fungus are not poisonous but instead manage to put off predators both human and animal by their extremely bitter taste. As for the striking “blood” young specimens exude, analysis has revealed it contains an anticoagulant called Atromentrin which exhibits properties similar to the natural organic anti-clotting agent heparin.

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Beyond the Brush: Inventive Use of Media for Painting Students

Mushroom spore print by Lynn Corsi Bland. As with the fish print above, this mushroom spore print illustrates the beautiful intricacies – and also abstract pattern making – that can be achieved through the printing of found natural and manmade objects.

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Make a Giant Mushroom Prop For Party Decor

Make a giant mushroom prop with a foil roaster pan and paper mache - Design Dazzle #dollarstorecraft #partydecor #aliceinwonderland

Paper Mache mixed with Chicken Wire. Genius! Think of all the other shapes you could make! :x

Everyday Artist: Mushroom Sleuthing