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The Project Management professions is dominated by certificates and diplomas, however who are looking for a more to learn higher level, it may be surprising to learn that there are a select few Project Management degrees available in UAE.

NASA satellite -- the "Black Marble" view of the Earth... Absolutely gorgeous! Take a minute to scroll through the pictures! The satellite even captured Hurricane Isaac, from August 2012, and a thunderstorm over northern Texas that created ripples in the air!! It's fascinating!!

Allen Learst, UW-Marinette senior lecturer, recently had his prize-winning collection of integrated short stories, "Dancing at the Gold Monkey," published by Leapfrog Press, New York.

With antibiotic resistant tuberculosis superbugs on the rise around the world, natural remedies are increasingly important to combat the spread of this serious disease. Consuming adequate levels of vitamin D is crucial not only for a healthy immune system, but also to trigger production of antimicrobial peptides that specifically inhibit the bacterium. As an inexpensive and extremely effective defense, this humble vitamin should play a leading role in everyones daily diet.

Vanden Heuvel's video series called STEMbite are “bite-size lessons in #science and #math from everyday life—all captured from a unique first-person point of view through Google Glass.” The STEMbite lessons, which are posted on YouTube, includes some 60 videos so far, including lessons on the physics of children’s toys, the chemistry found in kitchens and the biology people can find in their own backyards. #Education #STEM