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Image via We Heart It #cute #louis #perfect #smile #tomlinson #sweaterwheater #onedirection


Noor Hasan Mahmud on

Gotta love the sassmaster from doncaster!!!!!!

Louis Tomlinson sarcastic sassy eyeroll GIF -

Louis tomlinson. One direction. One direction funny. Sass master. Boats.

Day 5: Favorite 1D interview- Urhm. Does this count as in interview? I think it does. It's this one. This one's my favorite. Jennifer would agree with me. -K

Lol I remember when I first started watching 1D, and I didn't think Louis was the oldest because he was so crazy!

from BuzzFeed

The Best Of The Internet's Reaction To Beyoncé's New Album

I saw what Louis responded and he said almost the same thing except for tell Liam off for not being late

Oh heart hurts because of the adorableness<<<<<<< oh yah that face has "adorable" written ALLLLLL OVER it. :) hahahahha @Angela Bertasson Tomlinson

Probably one of my favorite parts << We went camping right after me and my sister watched this and she did this to us... I couldn't be mad, cause it was so funny xD No one understood our quotes ;)

Louis please never change <<< liam probably almost fell and was upset and apologized to everyone afterwards and then even made sure louis was ok