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What to spend your money on each month as you invest in your #business. My must-have tools and recommendations for #infopreneurs and #bloggers. How to Invest

20 Things You Can Do TODAY To Reenergize Your Business | Going through a slump in your biz? Feeling less passion and more stress? As an entrepreneur and small business owner, it can be hard to ALWAYS feel excited about your business. Luckily, we're sharing 20 things you can do to fall back in love with your business, TODAY! Click through to read our 20 actionable tips.

My No-Fuss Formula for Pricing My Services - Elle & Company business ideas #smallbusiness small business ideas wahm ideas

Do you want to know how to make money blogging? Would you like to make money online and be location independent? Do you dream of being successful on the internet? Do you want a job you can do from home? Then you're in luck because I've got lots of tips for you! In this post I will show you how to make money from a blog, regardless of whether you have a travel blog, fashion blog, lifestyle blog, food blog or any other kind.

How do you avoid bad clients (and the resulting project headaches + lost income) when you're a freelancer or small business owner? There are some specific early warning signs you should look out for -- read the post to see what they are!

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