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Who is Aaron Burr? - News - Bubblews "Burr believed in women's equality and the rights of blacks at a time when these things were quite unpopular." It's a shame this man's original writings have all been lost.

Aaron Burr was Vice President to Thomas Jefferson who mistrusted him despite his capable service. In 1804 Burr ran for governor for New York, and lost partly due to the influence of a duel in which Alexander Hamilton was killed. Later Burr was involved in a colonization scheme in Spanish territory, which led to his trial for treason. Though acquitted, he spent the rest of his life in disgrace. Burr founded the Bank of the Manhatten Company.

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Phily Trip Day 4 – Battle of Princeton and Princeton

Dolley Madison in One of Her Famous Hats It was Aaron Burr who introduced James Madison to Dolley. Madison was a painfully shy bachelor....

July 11, 1804: Hamilton-Burr Duel. Vice President Aaron Burr fatally shot former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton in a duel at Weehawken, New Jersey. No one knows who fired first, since the seconds had their backs turned so that they would not witness an illegal act. These are the Wogdon pistols used in the duel. They had an secret hair-trigger feature, which should have given Hamilton (who furnished them) an advantage, but they may actually have caused him to misfire.