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& that is why we hang onto what we know is probably lost. Even though the signs point to the end and voices all around, including your own tell you it is... It's the glimmer of hope letting you know there is a possibility that all your wildest dreams could come true if you only stick it out and refuse to give up...

Love has always had a habit comeing back to me and i love my girlfriend cuz she loves me and will never lose faith in me and neither will i

Love comes to those who still hope after disappointment, who…

| Great gift for someone you love:

A MESSAGE FROM HEAVEN...thank You God. Someone told me dad is happy and immediately I got this message.

Heartfelt Quotes: I'm not going to wait around for you forever, so either start making an effort or be prepared to lose me.

I used to care so much. I used to fight for this. I tried my hardest to hold on and keep you but you didn't want this as much as I did. I didn't lose you. Let's be honest, you lost me.

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Und es war einmal ein Frettchen,das jede Nacht hinterm Regenbogen auf den Lobster wartete. Doch der Lobster hatte einen falschen Plan und fand den Weg zu seinem Frettchen nicht. Und wenn es nicht gestorben ist,dann wartet es noch immer dort auf seinen Lobster. Hinterm Regenbogen. Jede Nacht.