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18 Reasons Why You NEED To Lift Weights, Especially If You’re a Woman. You WON'T get'll get small, and compact, and lean, and toned and all of those other things you dreamed you were. It's quite attainable -- high rep weight-lifting on top of consistent cardio and a clean diet is the key.

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Running to Lose Weight

GOAL: I want to look like this!

from Nic del Mar

Panama Top & Pikake Bottom

Acacia 2015 Panama Top & Pikake Bottom, Snake | Nic del Mar

I adore the sickeningly romantic and over the top passionate. Aly. || Make me lose my breath. ~ Azra Tabassum, This Is How You Keep Her

Standard smith machine sumo squats .. Make sure your feet are about 15 inches in front of the bar (kinda leaning back on the bar) .. This allows your spine to stay in line as you drop your #butt down to the floor. Toes pointed out and very wide stance with these .. Squeeze HARD at the top .. About to do these myself!!

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