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Oh yes!and that 'eye roll' has a proper name. "Geck ~to scorn with a roll of the eyes or a toss of the head." How perfect is that? I am the Queen of Gecks.

If I were at all classy this would be me. But since I'm not, I do indeed get drunk. Very, very drunk.

Except for me it's "I don't get drunk, I get happy." If you call dancing on tables, having no idea where your car is, finally making it back to your place then passing out in the front yard. maybe not classy, but FOR SURE more fun!

☮ American Hippie Quotes ~ Crazy-One of my personalities will tell you where to go ...

To me, this relates to my multi media art. I am a different person depending on the mood, music and medium.

No, but I really do always wear my sassy pants, I just don't let everyone know I'm wearing them :)

I don't always wear my sassy pants. But, when I do, I wear them classy with some smart assy. Stay sassy my friends.