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Some of the most severe car accidents, including right-angle, left-turn and head-on collisions, happen at intersections. Roundabouts are an effective way to reduce intersection accidents and prevent devastating injuries. Roundabouts force turning vehicles to slow down and improve traffic flow. They are also safer for pedestrians. Crossing distances are short, traffic speeds are lower, and [ ] The post Harrisburg Car Accident Lawyer: Safety Benefi

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ROCHE ROCK | Cornwall: 'The settlement of Roche sits on a prominent ridge on the northern edge of the St Austell Downs, close to the headwaters of the Fal River. The area appears to contain a large number of local springs, river sources and holy wells, as well as a supposedly magical pool near Roche Rock, itself a striking rocky pinnacle of tourmalinised granite, and a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest.' ✫ღ⊰n

Notes on learning to Drive Driving notes: slow down when road is narrow between stationary car and opposite traffic. Drive to the centre of roundabout island then start turning. Stop before the first line at the traffic light. Turn 3/4 when turning left or right. When reaching roundabout stay at the centre. Turn wheel to half turn when positioning to turn left. Look into the street you are turning into for the street limit sign. Look out for cars on the left that does not give way to you…

car mat- acrylic on carpet A simple car mat made of a piece of carpet and some acrylic paint. I taped it down roughly, and painted on free hand. Details were made by cutting it out in paper and use it as a stencil. It was very fun to make, I don´t think the trafical planner grandfather agrees with all the solutions though. But look I made a roundabout,

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Jakarta Fixed Gear "REWIND CITY"

Jakarta Fixed Gear Check out Donny Dwi Putra from Jakarta Fixed Gear backpedaling his P.K. Ripper down the slopes in multi-storey car parks, through the city roads, down several flights of stairs and even a roundabout road bustling with traffic.