Update May 2015: Hi, I'm Harold, I have a special reason to celebrate National Pet Month, I'm ADOPTED!! My Gotcha Day is May 2. I'm a sweet and cuddly 1-year old boy, who arrived at the shelter as a stray in December 2014. I'm pretty smart and enjoy training, play dates with other dogs at the shelter. I was a longest term resident at Oakland Animal Services. Thank you to the staff and volunteers who took care of me during my stay.

Update June 2015: I have the biggest smile on my face because I'm adopted!!! My name is Bindi, I'm a super friendly and gentle 1-year old girl. I love to play but most of all I LOVE people -- adult and kids. I modeled a Cal Bears jersey during the Dogs on a Catwalk event. I came to the shelter in December 2014 as a stray, I was a longest term resident, and sponsored. If you'd like to adopt a dog like me, visit my doggy-buddies at Oakland Animal Services!

Update May 2015: I'm Reese, and I'm ADOPTED!!! I can't stop smiling because my forever family found me today!! I'm a silly, playful 1-year old girl, who arrived as a stray. I was sponsored, and a longest term resident at the shelter. Thank you to OAS's staff & volunteers for caring for me.

Update Nov 2015: Adopted! My name is Mitzy, I'm about 5 years old. I'm an affectionate lap dog who loves cuddles. I'm gentle, friendly and love everyone I've ever met. I'm also great on a leash. The volunteers think I have beautiful eyes. I was a longest term resident and was sponsored. If you'd like to adopt a dog like me, visit Oakland Animal Services.

Update May 2015: My name is Rupert and I'm ADOPTED!! I'm a playful and affectionate 1 1/2 year old boy. I'm quite the ball dog, and I love playing with the flirt pole too! If you sit down near me, I'll be in your lap in no time! I was a longest term resident at OAS.

Update May 2015: Hi, I'm Hannah, I'm smiling because I'm ADOPTED!! My forever family found me, and I'm enjoying getting belly rubs and giving them kisses. I was a longest term resident at Oakland Animal Services. If you're planning on adopting, please visit one of the longest term dogs at the shelter, and prepare to fall in love!

Stop animal cruelty! Don't buy from pet stores or breeders! Adopt from a shelter or animal rescue. Spay/neuter your pets! Donate! Volunteer! Care for them, love them, respect them!

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See? Pit bulls are not vicious, they were originally bred as "nanny dogs" to take care of children.

4/29/16*1/2016***Dusty is an adoptable Pit Bull Terrier searching for a forever family near Phoenix, AZ. Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area.

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