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OK, so not this at all, but it's giving me an idea for a variation on another centerpiece haha | mason jar centerpiece +flowers + wheat sprigs | LFF Designs |

Imagine a field full of natural grasses and grains softly waving in the breeze. That's exactly what this Cornfield Dried Floral Arrangement reminds us here at BestSilkFlowersbyEmery. A combination of Blond Avena, Millet and Blond Wheat make up this classic creation. Recommended for indoor use only! Measures 26"H x15"W.

(Open Rp be her please give credit) I lean out the window snapping a couple shots of the scenery as we pass by. I feel a tap on my shoulder and lean back in sitting back again my seat. "Sorry." I grin I was going on a big trip to Italy with a photography class and we had all been partnered up the girl sitting across from me was my partner.