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Haunting time.

You are a ghost. No one can hear you, see you, or feel you. Recently, you've started to haunt a college student around your age. They'd be your best friend if you could only communicate, you're sure of it. And then, one day, they look up and ask you "why do you keep following me?"

This is so me, it's not even funny. My family and friends always joke about how a stutter or say words incorrectly, due to my thoughts moving so fast.

w HSN be you. have to be.say that. your e. fi me when j Kei,yowr not re all lh fine and o u catn t el. an tone b ex au,s rn o own owul udne. st and

Oh god yes, but it's still funny each time. Haven't watched Steven Universe yet, due to scary friends and me just not wanting to...........

I understand what he's saying. I absolutely love the feeling after you finish a long hard equation and it just pleases me so much

Hate to sink all y'all's boat here, but what if the guy says that to his dying sibling, friend, girlfriend, or family member? Just think, I could totally use this to end Orphic or Lacuna and make everyone hate me.

Part of me is like "yes" but also I'm like "I couldn't care less about these things." Because you can either take me out and we can parade around town or we can stay in and watch Netflix with junk food, either way, I'll be happy

Just lost 2 of my dogs yesterday, and this right here, hits me right in the feels. Ziggy Mia. ❤️❤️❤️