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This is an iconic photograph from 1965. It is basically summed up with the caption written on this individuals helmet, "war is hell." While war is hell it does bring forth some of the strongest bonds you will ever have, it rights wrongs that would otherwise continue to exist and protects from future damage happening.

Paratrooper war paint for the Filthy Thirteen Retronaut | Retronaut - See the past like you wouldn't believe.

The Vietnam War was officially a war between North and South Vietnam. The North had allies in China, the Soviet Union, and other communist allies. The Sout

Rhodesian soldier during the Bush War. The war was lost and the take over of the country by Black political factions has ruined a once great African country.

Zambezi Warriors,Rhodesia Military,Mercenaries,Balloon,Africa

{ RHODESIA’S D SQUADRON: THE SOUTH AFRICAN CONNECTION (PT. 1) } .... ''The South African Reconnaissance Regiments or ‘Recces’ had been evolving into a force in their own right, but like the early days of the Green Berets, the army did not know what to do with them.'' —Dan Tharp ......

Un cráneo humano vigilado por soldados estadounidenses acampados en la selva durante la guerra de Vietnam, 25 de octubre 1968.


Rhodesia: The Ultimate Photographic Resource! - Page 4 - The FAL Files