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omfg girls who do this are actually blessings

i had a dream where i met dan and phil and i asked if they had hugging lessons. i'm even awkward in my dreams lol??

Hmmmmmm....where have I heard this before??? :-) thank for for such an incredible day!! Absolutely a WOW memory!!!!! YES it was amazing but holding YOU close is so wonderful!! It is perfect & so are YOU!!! I truly Love YOU with ALL My Heart!!! I Miss U terribly already!!!! Omigosh I Do!! Thank you so, so much Baby!!!:-*:-*:-* WOW!!!!***

Ik i saw that too welp didn't think that was gonna happen and I'm glad it did

Merlin Official on

Gwaine look so out of place but then again he is a knight of the round table in the 21st century

Edward may in fact be my spirit animal. | Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood | I love Ed with his hair down