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I really love the motivational boards at the gym. I want the change and I'm willing to. I love how easy it is and how good it feels if you just put in the time. Last night I was sitting in my recliner at home watching "Bad Boys 2" (one of my favorites) on TNT... And I thought man I wanna watch this but I feel like I need to get in more cardio before the nights over. I was thinking of ways to pull my elliptical out to the living room when I realized that there was probably a free tv at the…

The B&T USW...making my Glock 43 feel insignificant Currently, only 5 of these badboys exist in the US

"And I know it's just the woman in you, that brings out the man in me. I know I can't help myself, you're all in the world to me. It feels like the first time. Feels like the very first time". ©Carriehampton.com Models: Victorio / Jade #rideordie #cominghome assist: Adam Hainea #tatted #foreigner #hardcore #youwish #bikes #choppers #motorcycles #carriehamptonphotography #hotchicksandbikes #inked #beardmuscles #bearded #badboys

I first noticed this hairstyle when millions of girls went crazy for the former Disney star Cole Sprouse on twitter. I didn't think of it much at the time, but lately I've been seeing more

Velociraptor - Some voglions would have similar facial structures to these little badboys xD

[SET OF GIFS] 9x07 Bad Boys. I really like this guy, he takes in all these kids and treats them like their his, he would be a great dad and i think that he was exactly what Dean needed at that point in his life, can you imagine what would he have been like if he had stayed?

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