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Community Post: 29 Reasons Why Night Vale Is Unlike Anything Else On The Internet

So my mom said her phone was making static noises and texts were doubling up on her so I texted "ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD" and apparently she got the text six times.... I sent it once---- that's awesome

When the storm is over and the calm begins, you may not remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You may even not be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is for certain. When the storm is over, you will find yourself changed. (unknown)


Perfect storm: amazing photos of supercell thunderstorms, by Sean R Heavey

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Top 10 Twitter Pics of the Week

Steamy Cup in the Sky The #sky is always a popular subject for photos on Twitter. Photographer @Miftahyf (400+ followers), however, managed to capture the wild blue yonder in an original way.

Bonus head canon: after Crookshanks died, Ron got Hermione another cat (also ginger) and named it Otter after her Patronus :)

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New Aurora Pictures: Sky Shows Sparked by Sun Eruption

Northern Lights in Alaska. Enjoy your time in Alaska – we'll take care of professionally managing your Airbnb for you if you drop visit us a visit first at

Inspiration: art. [“I open at the close.” in Circular Gallifreyan.] Harry Potter and Dr. Who mash-up. I could do anything and everything with this, I love it. This may be ALL over my house sometime soon.

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“Youngest Brother, swan's wing, where one arm should be, yours the shirt of nettles short a sleeve and me with no time left to finish -- I didn't mend you all the way back into man though I managed for your brothers; they flit again from court to playing-courts to courting, while you station yourself, wing folded from sight, avian eye to the outside, no rebuke meant but love's. Was it better then, the living on the water, the taking to air...? ("Ever After," from the book 'The Poets'…