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Boys who are your best friend - I have a lot of guy friends but no one compares to my best friend, Mike. He's there for me through thick and thin, listens to all my drama, and always, always, always has just the right thing to say at just the right time. I'm so thankful to have him in my life. <3

That goes for all my best friends! Shout out to @beveakins @ashleegracehami @inkadkins @paigefray1516 @freehomefarms and Brooke

The Friend Zone | DefineYourWin™ "We all have lots of best friends, and thats ok. All my best friends know I love them. But this is the best, try the most, talk to the most, confide in the most, etc etc best friend."

She's my best friend, she's my girlfriend, she's my everything. I can trust her with anything, she knows all my secrets and I know hers. I have known her all my life and I'm so lucky to have her. She puts up with my insanity. No matter what happens she will always be my best friend and I will always love her because she is my home.

Through all my crap all my drama friends stabbing me in the back friends leaving me all the crap that's been said this is the ONLY person that stuck with me stood by me and stood up for me and thats why I call her my BEST friend love her!!!!!!!

I asked some of my friends if they would still be my friend if I was emo: out of all my friends, my best friend was the only one that said "we would grow apart quickly. STAY WHO YOU ARE" guess I could say I'm more punk, not really emo, but this got me sad. My best friend was the only one