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M*A*S*H. Bottom row, left to right: Frank Burns, Hawkeye Pierce, Trapper (John) McIntyre, Radar O'riley, Max Klinger. Top row, left to right: Magaret Houlihan, Henry Blake, and Father Mulcahy.

Empire Strikes Backstage: Intimate pictures of cast and crew during filming of second Star Wars movie

Robbie the Robot, from the classic 1956 space movie "Forbidden Planet," one of the three famous Hollywood robot designs of veteran art director Robert Kinoshita. The other two were, of course, the Robot from "Lost in Space," and Tobor from the 1954 film "Tobor the Great." Appearance at San Diego Comic Con, 2006; Wikimedia Commons photo by Patty Mooney, shared under Creative Commons license, details @ http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.en

Buck Rogers - this was one of my favorite shows. I know it was cheesy and silly but hey I totally watched it often. When I was in the Marines touring the backlot of Universal Studios in 1987, I saw one of the starfighters just sitting there on the side stacked next to other discarded props. It made my heart happy to see it.

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