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L1M1AS1 Nikon D5100 Auto 2 second timer on tripod, f5.6, 1/80 sec exposure, ISO 400 50 mm focal length Breakfast, photo taken indoors by open window with mid morning light coming in

L1M1AS1 Nikon D5100 Auto handheld. 2 sec timer f5.6, 1/2000sec, ISO 400 160mm focal length. Landscape, photo taken where I live/work, midday sun

L1M1AS1 Nikon D5100, Auto 2 second timer set on tripod, f/5.3, ISO 560, 1/60sec 42mm focal length, Breakfast. Photo taken indoors by open window, not sure why ISO so high, was set on auto, the light coming in was fairly good, about mid morning.

L1M1AS1 Nikon D5100 handheld auto, 2 sec timer, f5.6 1/125sec, ISO 250 42mm focal length. Landscape, photo taken early morning just after sun had come up, liked the character of the tree against the overcast, foggy morning

L1M1AS1 Nikon D5100 Auto hand held, 2 sec timer f8 1/1000sec ISO 160 60mm focal length. Landscape, photo taken midday on a reasonably sunny day

L1M1AP2 Nikon D5100 Auto handheld f/5.6 ISO 400 1/125 sec 55mm focal length. Viewpoint, photo taken from above looking down

L1M1AS3 Nikon D5100 Auto handheld, 2 sec timer. F 6.3, 1/640sec, ISO 200 102mm focal length. Landscape, Photo taken late afternoon on a sunny day

L1M2AP2 Aperture Priority Mode, Nikon D5100 handheld, 1/80 sec, f5.6, 200mm focal length, ISO 160

L1M2AS2 Av Priority Mode. Nikon D5100, tripod used with 2 second timer, f/11 ( Deep DoF), 1/50, ISO 160, 75mm focal length, Spot metering, Open shade facing sun, late morning, cropped and edited in LR

L1M1AS3 Nikon D5100 Auto handheld, 2 sec timer. f/8 1/250sec ISO 100 18mm focal length. Landscape photo taken midafternoon from a lookout