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The best kind of action to take is one where there is internal and external alignment with yourself and the universe. Many people find it such a struggle when they try to do certain things or they feel so empty after doing it. ... Everything that we do is meant to be an expression of the universe doing it through us. It is all about alignment and when you have it, you will act in harmony with yourself. --Michelle Collier

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured! Come to Clarkston Hot Yoga in Clarkston, MI for all of your Yoga and fitness needs! Feel free to call or visit our website for more information about the classes we offer!

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Mudra Photo Gallery

Mudras are a silent language of self-expression used in Hindu and Buddhist teachings. Mudra hand gestures or poses are often used in yoga practice, meditation, and for healing purposes. The Akash Mudra helps to "center" your energies. It nourishes any part of your body that is lacking.


How Meditation Can Make You A Better Person

A look at how practicing meditation can make you a better person across many different aspects of life.

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Meditation Yoga pose

we-all-share-one-moon: namaste-soulsister: “As you meditate, you find peace. When you find peace, you can live” ☮ ☯ ☽ ☀

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Meditation Tips: Dos, Don'ts and a Loving Kindness Meditation to Try