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* "No son of mine is going to live under this roof without an earring and a couple of tattoos—now quit your belly-aching, and let’s go to the mall."  -Top Ten Things You'll Never Hear A Dad Say

Dad the Clown A photograph from Dad clowning for the Jupiter Christmas Parade. He loved to do this with Sparger. Why? He always was a performer. He was always on stage, never better than when he had an audience. He did have his Jerry Lewis side. He was Mister Man full of glitter charisma and charm. Like a movie star, like a rock star. Another afterlife photo.

Dad at his most Sinatra-esque. The caption says, "They must be cooking up something." Dad in his movie-star robe.

Travelers Mom and Dad take turns owning the family. There is a companion picture to this one with Dad where Mom is. I like that she is sort of blurry and behind. This seems to be some campground. I like Bill's string tie. The pained look on the boys' faces. A trip with the family. If only we had been more grateful.

This is sweet. Mom and Dad and Bob and Windy. Wendy. Winnie. One of the W series boxers. Where were we?   I think I took the picture. On some outing, maybe Jonathan Dickinson park. The eyes of the parents are on the child, barely walking unsupported. They eyes of the boxer are on Dad.

Dad, on a trip we took to explore Florida. I think it was at a motel in Lake Wales.  We visited "Spook Hill" and the "Bok Tower" - tourist destinations.  Everything in Florida seemed so exotic so florid. Obviously he was hooked.   He looks so young and slender in this photo.  And so he was.

Picture that lived in his wallet I always liked this family photo.  My sister once said, "We were a good family once, weren't we?"