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A source of inspiration

“NASA Moon Dust Probe Begins Lunar Science Mission” Mehr

The Universe holds wonders so beautiful they defy all understanding. (Crab Nebula.)

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Outer Space Inspiration

Astronomers have discovered the largest known structure in the universe, a clump of active galactic cores that stretch 4 billion light-years from end to end. The structure is a light quasar group (LQG), a collection of extremely luminous Galactic Nulcei powered by supermassive central black holes.

It's called "The Eye of God"...of course, space travel is out of the question...but it's mysterious and peaceful all at once...Jesus! Quit staring at me!

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nebula color

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What’s my favorite color? All of ’em (20 photos)

"But the stars that marked our starting, fall away. We must go deeper into greater pain, for it is not permitted that we stay." ~ Dante Alighieri (The Inferno, Canto VII)

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A source of inspiration

The cosmic ice sculptures of the Carina Nebula via Hubblesite

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Pillars of Star Formation Art Print by Starstuff

This is so beyond gorgeous that I don't think there are words. These are just astonishing and beautiful.

NASA 4) Butterfly Nebula (NGC 6302) Located in the constellation Scorpius, the structure of this nebula is one of the most fragile and complex that has ever been studied. The butterfly shape has lead scientists to name it's structure a "bipolar structure."