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While Crohn’s disease may at first seem intolerable, one can combat it with holistic treatment and by becoming aware of food triggers.

13 Best Foods for Crohn’s Disease

13 Best Foods for Crohn’s Disease - this one actually mentions some foods that are good during flare-ups

Chemotherapy for Crohn’s Disease

Learn how certain chemotherapy drugs, including 6-MP, Remicade, and Methotrexate, can benefit people with Crohn's disease.

How to Address Crohn’s Disease in the Workplace

from the amazing gastrogof*[picture of a cross-eyed Siamese cat’s head against a gyronny (a triangle-sectioned background) with six shades of blue. Top line of text reads: I’m constantly torn between “I can’t let this disease rule my life” || Bottom line of text reads: and “I have to listen to my body and do what it says”]

10 Gut-Soothing Foods for Crohn's Disease

During a flare-up of Crohn's disease, the best foods are ones that are easy for you to digest. View the photo gallery of Joy Bauer's tips for a Crohn's diet.