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Elon Musk said in a conference that his company is planning to deliver increasingly affordable cars to the consumer sector. The CEO hinted that Tesla will roll out a Model 4, which could be even cheaper than the Model 3.

After this week, the world will know if Elon Musk called the electric-car future correctly

After the Tesla Model 3 launches this week, the world will know if Elon Musk called the electric-car future correctly - Quartz

Elon Musk hints that part two of car's unveiling could be just months away, with the final design ready in six weeks

Tesla's Model 3 Lives Up to the Hype

Fast, spacious, and with an endless view of the sky—the new electric car already has 134,000 reservations.

Elon Musk revealed how you can reserve the new $35,000 Tesla

VIDEO: You only have to put $1,000 down.

Welcome to the future... All industries will face some sort of #disruption to ensure a #sustainable future. The transport industry is facing huge disruption great disruption because of #tesla The new model 3 not only looks good it comes packed with serious technology and safety features but the most important feature is price. To develop a car for the everyday person and families that most can afford is the real disruption. Cannot wait to see them in our streets over the next few years. Just…

Update: Tesla co-founder and CTO J.B. Straubel has disputed the earlier announcement by global operations president Jon McNeill that there would be a China plant for Tesla, insisting instead that t…

A Tesla For The Masses? Orders For Model 3 Top 100K In First Hours

Tesla Motors unveils the new lower-priced Model 3 sedan in Hawthorne, Calif., on Thursday.

Why Tesla's Model 3 Can't Fix Our Energy Problems

You know what’s hard? Trying to get anyone to say anything remotely critical about the Tesla Model 3. Everyone wants it to succeed because electric vehicles are good, and affordable electric vehicles are even better. But the Model 3 cannot be the hero for the US’s energy woes if we don’t fix a few serious problems with our infrastructure first.