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from Lifehack

An Adorable Map To An Introvert Heart

An Adorable Map, "Map To An Introvert's Heart" by Illustrator, cartoonist, writer “and general layabout” Gemma Corell |

from The Realistic Mama

Getting Out of a Funk

Find yourself in a #funk recently? Here are 8 ways to revitalize yourself and rise above the funk. #metime #health

This is especially true for INFJs (and ENFJs), who are linked to the subconscious (dominant Ni), a terrain estimated to be 30,000 more multifaceted than the conscious. In addition, their extroverted feeling (Auxiliary Fe) absorbs the emotions and vibrations of the conscious, encompassing all people within perceivable vicinity. And thus it is true that they often have to put pen to paper to organize and prioritize their dynamic perception.