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The white and red panels were cut out of masonite and hung with chain. The panels were front lit with traditional Par cans and 4 LED lights were using to provide some color on the walls behind the panels.

Rusty bought 15 trash cans at Ikea (for $1.99 each) and drilled holes in the bottom. He then attached an Ikea lamp socket set inside of the trash cans ($4.99 per socket set). Then he hung the lamp sockets from the truss at random lengths. Each one has a trash can lamp has a 60-watt bulb inside and is wired to a dimmer. To add a little extra light he used six LED par cans on the sides of the truss to add color. The total cost for the set was $105.

Simple free-standing stage set panels...easy to store, inexpensive. Legs need to extend 1.5" past the bottom of the board to allow for angle. 4'x8' wafer board; prime, paint re-use for VBS, children's theater, etc.