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YAY Like a Pre-Nup lol

About to depart :( of course Gonna miss him 2013

I came back from talking on the phone with my couz ate Gigi then a plate full of food prepared of my loving and sweet boyfie. well, were still friends during this time.

We had to pick out which ones were the best. Bamboo comes in all different shapes, forms (meaning straight and crooked) and sizes. -Audie Cherry

Skyping and I just arrived from Jogging with the young peps in MCOC my gwapo boyfie

Ooppss!! Lol just a pix not true hehe I never thought that his action, am sure if I see him doing that to me then of course i will do the same to him. I'll use 45 kick or flying kick. #TaekwondoStyle

:( He's about to fly back but its okie still we are connected thru FB, Skype lol

Yea we got into Lapu-Lapu's monument. 2012

Had dinner with Audie and company @ The Family Farm Restaurant wink emoticon again WELCOME BACK. 2k13

On our way to Airport to take our beloved Carolyn and Ashlynn back to US. we were just riding and riding with the girls, only one thorn among the roses lol