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Explore Common Eggplant, Eggplant Variety and more!

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Eggplant Types For Gardens – What Are Some Good Varieties Of Eggplant

Common Eggplant Varieties: Learn About The Types Of Eggplant - A member of the nightshade family, eggplant is thought to be a native of India. Many of us are familiar with the most common eggplant variety, Solanum melongena, but there are many eggplant types available. Learn what they are here.

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What Are The Best Pumpkins To Eat – Learn About Edible Pumpkins For Cooking

Pumpkin Varieties For Eating: Best Types Of Pumpkins For Cooking - With the burgeoning popularity of farmer’s markets and personal gardening, a wide array of pumpkin varieties for eating is available. Take a look at some of the different types of pumpkins for cooking in the article that follows.

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Spacing Between Eggplants – Proper Eggplant Distance In Gardens

Eggplant Spacing: How Far Apart To Space Eggplant. This article helps you maximize the yield of your particular eggplant variety.

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Grow Longer: The Best Cold-Tolerant Veggies

Cabbages can be as ornamental as they are edible. There are many different types; pick varieties called early cabbage (such as 'Earliana') for spring harvests. Late cabbage varieties (such as 'Vantage Point') are better for planting in midsummer and harvesting in fall. Here's a hint: Add color to your vegetable garden with red-leaf cabbage varieties such as 'Ruby Ball' or 'Super Red'. Standout Variety: 'Gonzales', which bears softball-size heads in about 60 days./

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What Is Corn Smut – Tips For Preventing And Treating Corn Smut Disease

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Apple Of Peru Shoofly Plants – What Is Apple Of Peru And Is It Invasive

Apple Of Peru Plant Info: Learn About Growing Shoofly Plants - The apple of Peru plant is an interesting specimen. This member of the nightshade family produces attractive flowers and can be used in a homemade insecticide. But what is apple of Peru? Learn more about the apple of Peru plant in this article.

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What Are Lettuce Aphids: Learn About Lettuce Aphid Control

Lettuce Aphid Information – How To Control Aphids In Lettuce. Learn how to identify and control these common pests in this article

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Troubleshooting Your Vegetable Garden

How to prevent your zucchini plants from taking over your garden and keep them producing. There are different varieties for different spaces.

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What Is A Peanut Pumpkin Plant: Tips For Growing Peanut Pumpkins

Peanut Pumpkin Info And Care And Learn If Peanut Pumpkin Is Edible - The finding and purchasing of heirloom varieties has become easier, but there is still nothing like growing your own. One such example is growing peanut pumpkins truly a unique and delicious pumpkin specimen. Click here for more info.

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Pumpkin Vine Flowering – How Can You Tell If Your Pumpkins Got Pollinated

Pumpkin Plant Not Producing: Why A Pumpkin Plant Flowers But No Fruit - A common problem when growing pumpkins is…no pumpkins. It’s not all that unusual and there are several reasons for a pumpkin plant that is not producing. Use the information from this article to find out what those are.