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High Traffic Lawn Options: What Are Some Lawn Alternatives In Play Areas - An alternative lawn grass is not a new concept, but what about those high traffic areas? You know, the places where we entertain the most or the little ones play about. Let’s explore lawn alternatives for heavy traffic areas like these.

Landscape design can make a child's playground look very maintained. Servicing the Fox Valley area in IL. To check out a complete list of our services and to contact us today, visit our site here:

Tree Decks around a new tree that will grow out to make a large shade leafy “roof” over the deck. The neat thing about them, is that they put children essentially "in the tree” so they get to see the tree canopy up close, and to see the different insects that live in the bark above the ground, and the birds that fly into and nest in the canopy.

English Daisy Ground Cover – Tips For Growing A Bellis Lawn

Traditionally, English daisy has been considered an enemy of neat, carefully manicured lawns. These days, ideas about the function of lawns are changing. To learn more about Bellis daisy grass alternatives, click on this article.

5 ft. 2 in. x 2 ft. 10 in. x 4 ft. Cypress Horizontal Refuse Storage Shed, Browns/Tans

Storage with a place to hide your garbage can! No more dogs dragging it around at night! Need this!