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Ds Streptocarpus Streptocarpus,Streptocarpus Hybridized,Group Pavel,Dimetris Group

DS SCARLET FLOWER: Dimetris has created many unusual Streptocarpus hybrids. However, It is still nice to see a pure, simple beauty like this. A cross between DS YARILLO and S. dunnii. On my WANT list.

DS METEOR SHOWER: A real winner. A small starter plant can have as many as 6-7 flowers. Fantasy strongly marked on upper petals.

DS MOHAIR FLOWER: An unusual flower for sure. It has some similarities in appearance with DS SHAKE and DS CRAZY, but all are unique.

DS-L'EPATAGE D'ALCHIMIE: This plant can get big. The color change from blue to red-violet throat is very striking, Fragrant too.

DS THE RED AND THE BLACK (RB on L) and DS LITTLE FURRY ARCTIC FOX (LFAF on R): RB is the darkest Strept I have ever seen and nearly impossible to photo well. LFAF is similar but not quite as dark. LFAF is the easier plant to grow and is usually in bloom. My RB is blooming but showing some chlorotic haloing, Maybe a touch of Miracid and repotting will set it right.

DS LENA DELUXE: Not to be confused with DS LENA (both are gorgeous). The dark maroon lower petals contrast beautifully with the softer wine-red upper petals. On the WANT list.

DS LADIES LOGIC: Flower opens pinkish-coral, becomes more coral and later develops some orange tones. Fragrant also.