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Evolution and unnecessary girliness of the Easy Bake Oven

Joanna Schroeder wonders why, as traditional gender roles are starting to fade, the Easy-Bake Oven is now more girly than ever.

We live in a society constantly connected: RT this, mobile upload that, but has it gone too far? In a move away from technology, Jake Reilly spent 90 days off the communication grid. In what he calls “The Amish Project,” he deleted all his social networking accounts and tossed his phone in the river, the end result? Watch the movie above. #word

The Amish Project, 90 Days Spent Off The Communication Grid

"Amish Project:" 90 Days Without a Cell Phone, Email and Social Media - love this!

The Last Words Spoken By Famous People (Part 4)

The Last Words Spoken By Famous People (Part 4)

Google Glass Police: NYPD Cops Testing Google Camera | TIME.com

Cops Want Google Glass

The Bachelor: Clare Sleeps with Juan Pablo, exposes the show's weird sexual issues

Klein meisje kruipt in de huid van enkele grandes dames

Celebrating her daughter Emma’s birthday, photographer Jaime Moore went against the mainstream Disney princess’ idea and dressed Emma as 5 historic and inspirational women: Coco Chanel, Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller and Jane Goodall.

how your perception can change your circumstances.

The power of perceptions: Imagining the reality you want

Can you guess which colored dots are the same on both panels? For the answer, watch the TED talk video linked below.

Dolce & Gabbana are releasing a unisex fragrance for babies

Dolce & Gabbana unveil new perfume for BABIES – but how can they improve on the sweet smell of an infant?

Joan Benoit-Samuelson

Samuelson in Marathon to celebrate Title IX

From my hometown of Cape Elizabeth, Maine: Joan "Joanie" Benoit-Samuelson. Won the 1979 Boston Marathon at age Won it again in 1983 with the world-record time of She won gold at the 1984 Summer Olympics in the first ever women's Olympic marathon.

Body Positive  "Start a revolution - stop dieting and learn to care for your body exactly as it is!"

Body Positive "Start a revolution - stop dieting and learn to care for your body exactly as it is!

HealthyPlace Mental Health Newsletter: Living with a Mental Illness: Tired of Stereotypes and Stigma. It seems people living with a mental illness are fed up with stereotypes of what it's like to have bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. Continue reading: www.healthyplace.com/other-info/mental-health-newsletter/living-with-a-mental-illness-tired-of-stereotypes-and-stigma/ - #MentalHealthNewsletter #HealthyPlaceNewsletter #HealthyPlace

A “stereotype” is a cognitive shortcut — that is, it allows your brain to make a snap judgment based on immediately visible characteristics such as gender, race, or age.