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Believe it or not, there is a whole online magazine that is dedicated to the digital advertising regarding food; obviously the target audience is limited to restaurant owners/food sales people, but for them it contains information for a much-needed aspect for their business. The magazine provides tips and oversight for food websites, eNewsletters, eBlasts, Video, Webinar, Research Assistant, and Digital Edition magazines, focusing on the specs, audience and circulation in each.

27 Easy Meals That Won't Break The Bank

Hey.. get over yourself! A great meal doesn't have to cost a fortune. It's not tuna casserole people (thought I'm no tuna casserole hater, I've enjoyed a scoop or two). There are solid recipe ideas here.. check it out.

Foodspotting meshes the GPS, Yelp and Instagram together by allowing customers to take pictures of their food and share it via the app. When you share the picture of the dish with friends and family, it will be evident of how little or very the food appeals to the human eye. New media is dependent on consumer participation and interactivity, for this is how knowledge is spread from person to person.

Melt Mobile Food Truck Brings Gourmet Grilled Cheese to Stamford, Connecticut

Community Post: A Look At Iran's Fake American Food Franchises

Dominos Pizza | Community Post: A Look At Iran's Fake American Food Franchises

Summer of 2013 raised a stir on the Food Network channel, when the popular TV Show host made prejudice remarks that led to her career’s demise. She turned into a grandmotherly cook to a hated racist woman. YouTube was the source of many clips regarding Paula Dean and her views, something that the social media world went absolutely crazy about—it goes to show that people must be careful about what they put out on the internet, because it can come back to bite them.

Yelp says it itself; it is the “best way to find local businesses”. Coming in the form of both a website and app, Yelp has a whole category dedicated to food (restaurants, bars, pizza, as specific as you want) based on the user’s location. The winning feature of the app is that users can also rate the place they dined at post-meal, sharing the information with the world. It certainly makes it easier when you are in the mood for sushi and you want a classy, 5 star place!

Foursquare is an app based on location—when the user is somewhere that they deem interesting, they “check-in” via GPS using the app. Most of my friends use Foursquare for food, adding ratings, comments or photos to their check-in of choice. It does the same thing that word-of-mouth does, boasting the popularity of certain restaurants over others, therefore, boosting their business. It creates those moments where users can look at the app and say, “Oh, my friend Jimmy went there, let’s go!”