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America’s Coolest Ghost Towns

15 of America's Coolest Ghost Towns - Old mines, abandoned buildings, and the occasional curse: ghost towns cover the United States, and they make for a fun detour.

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Virginia City, Montana

Virginia City, MT Founded on gold mining in 1863, this town once had about 10,000 residents—including Calamity Jane—and was even briefly the capital of the Montana Territory. Maybe it was bad karma having your capital share the name of another state, or just the fact that gold ran out, but the city has been frozen in time since the late 19 th century.

Kolmanskop is a small town located a few miles inland from the port of Laderitz in Namibia. Windswept sand has made its way into nearly every building in the town, which was once a diamond mining town and abandoned in 1956 as diamond demand declined and richer sources of diamonds were discovered in other areas. Its only residents are now birds, hyenas and other animals.

Island Hashima (Ghost Island), Japan Abandoned since 1974, Mitsubishi built this remote island around a large coal deposit, where is housed 5,000 residents. Today it has a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, and tourists are free to roam this empty ghost town. COOL!

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Ghost Towns & Abandoned Mines in Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas

At its peak in 1941, the company operating Independence Mine employed 204 men, blasted almost 12 miles of tunnels, and produced 34,416 ounces of gold worth $ 1,204,560; today $ 17,208,000.  World War Two rendered gold mining nonessential, although Independence Mine continued to operate due to the presence of sheelite (a source of tungsten, which is a strategic metal).  But supplies were low and the mine closed in 1943.

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Visit These 5 Creepy Ghost Towns In Oklahoma At Your Own Risk

Skedee, OK - Agriculture was the staple of this town's economy, especially cotton. The town started in the early 1900's with 277 residents and at the turn of the twenty-first century it still had 102 residents.

abandoned towns ohio | Shawnee, Ohio abandoned main street. It's a ghost town that still has ...

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Bodie Ghost Town: Spectres, Curses and "Arrested Decay"

The old mining settlement at Bodie in California. Dating back to around 1859. Bodie is frozen in a state of “arrested decay”, looked after as a historic park but not restored to its original condition.