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10 Most Amazing Ghost Towns

Kadykchan was one of many small Russian cities that fell into ruin when the Soviet Union collapsed. Residents were forced to move to gain access to services like running water, schools and medical care.

Virginia City is a ghost town. The city's economy collapsed and the residents moved out or died, but also this is the most haunted location in Montanna. With so much paranormal activity going on, it's often hard to recognize the superb restoration job the Bovey family did to this open-air museum. Nearly half of the structures in town were built prior to 1900. Virginia City also has the added distinction of having had Calamity Jane as a past resident.

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Of myths and men in Monterey / 'Ed Heads' see Doc Ricketts as a cult figure

Earlier this month, many former residents, Steinbeck enthusiasts, historians and Ed Heads held a reunion on Cannery Row about 60 years after the sardine fishery experienced its first major collapse before disappearing in the 1950s. Not only had Ricketts forewarned that Cannery Row could become a "ghost town" if conservation were not heeded, but he was the first scientist to provide a credible explanation of why the sardine disappeared. Ricketts is like a cult figure," says Joseph Taylor…

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The Abandoned Settlements Inside National Parks

Rush Ghost Town: Buffalo National River, Arkansas - Read more:

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Last Residents of Picher, Oklahoma Won't Give Up the Ghost (Town)

Tires float with other junk in a pond formed by a collapsed mine outside Picher. Before the ground at this spot collapsed into the cavern below, leaving a 250-foot wide hole, there were three mine shafts visible at the surface, each with a five-by-seven-foot opening. The threat of more such collapses eventually prompted the government to offer buyouts to Picher residents.


Detroit bouncing back from bankruptcy

It was the city on the verge of collapse, perhaps the ultimate example of how a one-time metropolis turned into a sad memory. For the past four decades or so, Detroit, once a mecca for immigrants and the heart of America's industrial revolution, not to mention pop culture, turned into a virtual ghost town. Businesses shut their doors and residents fled by the masses, from a peak of 1.8 million to just under 700,000 today.

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Ghost Towns: Places Abandoned Due To Disasters (PICS

Kadykchan, Russia Kadykchan, Russia, was a coal-mining town. It suffered an economic disaster. After the collapse of the USSR, there were no funds to support small towns.In fact, Kadykchan was completely cut off ― communications were disconnected and running water was discontinued. The residents had to pick up and move.(image credits:English Russia,English Russia)

Humberstone, Northern Atacama desert, Chile | The world's ten creepiest abandoned cities | Life on the moonscape of the Chilean pampas is extremely sparse, and outposts like Humberstone served as work and home for many Pampino miners. The hostile environment proved a menacing part of everyday life for Humberstone residents.