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Contour Map of Mars' Surface Beside Phoenix. This color-coded elevation map of the local terrain on the north side of NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander shows the contours of polygons and relationship of polygon boundaries to trenches and other features in the workspace of the lander's Robotic Arm. The map covers an area about 4 meters (13 feet) across. Areas coded red, yellow and green are higher than areas coded blue and purple.

from NASA

Composite View of Phoenix Trenches

Several of the trenches dug by NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander are displayed.

Mars Phoenix Lander Looking across the frozen wastelands of the Martian north.

Phoenix lander (near the center of the image) on Mars

This image from NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander's Optical Microscope shows a strongly magnetic surface which has scavenged particles from within the microscope enclosure before a sample delivery from the lander's Robotic Arm. The particles correspond to the larger grains seen in fine orange material that makes up most of the soil at the Phoenix site. They vary in color, but are of similar size, about one-tenth of a millimeter.

Phoenix Mars Lander - build and launch