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Character Development: Tips for Writing a Book

Some of the greatest books of all time have the most memorable characters readers love and hate. Here are some writing tips for character development as you write your own novel.

30 Indispensable Writing Tips From Famous Authors

Ray Bradbury ~ So true!! -- This is why I don't believe trying to map out fiction before starting writing is necessary or necessarily good. The characters come first...they'll tell their story.

Student's don't always know that the way they are thinking could actually be harmful to their well-being. Couple this with a quiz online for students to identify any ways of distorted thinking. You can find the quiz on a lot of substance abuse sites too.

24 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Write More

Harper Lee's priceless response to a school board banning To Kill A Mockingbird in "Therefore I enclose a small contribution ... that I hope will be used to enroll the Hanover County School Board in any first grade of its choice." She was one sassy lady!

This is literally how every single one of my stories start. Every. Single. One. I don't write because I think it sounds cool when I tell people that's what I do, or whatever else other people say. I write because I wanna see what comes of my What If's.