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Rosa B <i>Clark</i> Burnett

Thomas Burnett Jr. and several other passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 stormed the cockpit, foiling the hijackers' plan to crash the plane into the White House, and forced it to crash in a Pennsylvania field, killing all 44 people on board.

Phoebe Geddes <i>Burnett</i> Snetsinger

He has all the riches he could ever dream for in this life. But to avoid any risk of missing out in the afterlife, wealthy entrepreneur 'Count Scarpa' is burying his greatest treasure - his new £310,000 Bentley convertible. In a bizarre announcement on his Facebook page the 62-year-old declared that he plans to do as the Pharaohs of Egypt did and take his riches with him when he dies by burying them. So tomorrow, he will entomb his brand new Bentley Continental worth over £310,000 to…

On October 6, 2009, my 20-year-old son Erik, took his own life. Since that sad and tragic day, an overwhelming sense of grief and despair propelled me into a search for answers. Answers that would provide me and others with comfort and hope. Some of those answers came from the many books I bought, but...

Alice Ann <i>Fleet</i> Burnett

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