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Women's ministry in Balaybay, Children's ministry in Olongapo, School of Christ in Matangib.

WHAT IS MINISTRY? It is really the most simple of things, but they go against what we instinctively often do. LOVE this!

from tansquared youth ministry

7 Tips For Running Epic Youth Small Groups

7 tips for having epic small groups during your Youth night. Youth small groups led by your youth. Tansquared Youth Ministry

from Jolene Engle

How to Start an On-line Ministry (Blog)

Is God calling you to start an on-line ministry? Maybe your heart is to reach others via the internet but you're not sure where to begin. Find out here!

from tansquared youth ministry

12 Ice Breakers For Building Relationship

Need some new ice breaker ideas? Here's our favourites! We love these both for breaking the ice and getting to know your crew on a whole new level. Tansquared Youth Ministry

Fruit of the Spirit.

Being a leader is as much about what God wants to do with you as it is about them. God has ways He wants to grow you, mature you, stretch you and mold you. When you face challenges He will be your answer. (And He will give you the answers you need!).

6 Ways To Create Hype Around Your Next Church Event