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Explore Planet Earth, Check and more!

Courtesy of Planet Earth II ( David Attenborough's new tv series) this is a viscacha enjoying the sun's warmth.

from the Guardian

BBC series Planet Earth II will be unparalleled, says Attenborough

More Planet Earth II unveiled: Leaping gangs of monkeys, flipping penguins and killer cats feature in extended trailer for the return of Sir David Attenborough's stunning series | Daily Mail Online

Planet Earth BBC Video DVD -- Watching these from beginning to end is what really caused me to get serious about conservation.

from the Guardian

From swimming sloths to lions in Botswana, this is Planet Earth II

A decade after the groundbreaking Planet Earth, the BBC’s six-part sequel looks set to be even more spectacular. Here are some of its stars

Call me crazy but... If technology gets to the point where Space Shuttle flights are as common as airplane flights, I will be the first to buy a ticket just to see the Earth from space and experience zero gravity.

from Mail Online

Getting up close: New episodes of Sir Attenborough Planet Earth show

A chain of salt lakes, found at over 4000m high in the Andes, provide a safe refuge for flamingo colonies. They gather here to breed, first performing a peculiar parade dance to select a mate

There have been many different eras or epochs of the world which is now known as Earth. Much of what is believed today by science is believed in part because they see the physical world as being in a constant or peaceful way. Read more.....

from Mail Online

Getting up close: New episodes of Sir Attenborough Planet Earth show

A mother three-toed pygmy sloth carries her baby on her chest. The youngster is around 6 months old, and will remain with its mother for a further 6 months, until it is able to fend for itself

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Which Planet Should You Live On?

I know that people are like saying gay is okay and crap, but is it? If you have read the bible, God created Adam and Eve which was male and female. He didn't create Adam so he could marry him! I'm sorry if I'm the only person in this stupid planet that actually throws up when comes across a gay or lesbian couple. Maybe if you got off the drugs and actually realized that this is not what God wanted, go be with who you're supposed to be with! I DIDNOT POST THIS"GOD"MUMBOJUMBO"JUST THE COOL…