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Is the prawn crackers not cooked yet?

Is the prawn crackers not cooked yet?

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Google Image Result for http://www.celebritybabyscoop.com/files/2012/08/carousel-designs-taupe-zig-zag-crib-bedding0-960x960.jpg

Taupe Zig Zag Crib Bedding Collection - contemporary - kids - atlanta - by Carousel Designs

look at those little shelves

Beckwith Interiors - nurseries - Porters Paint - Fog - West Elm Graham Glider, Elephant Hamper, yellow and gray nursery, boy nursery, boys n.

Ripley loves a prawn Cracker

Ripley loves a prawn Cracker

whippets are little characters

Running so fast its tongue can't keep up! Greyhound--so happy doing what s/he's designed to do--runnnn!

I don’t like prawn! - #showmecats #thegrumpy

Funny Animal Pictures With Captions - Very Funny Cats - Cute Kitty Cat-Shrimp, mean face