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K Karl Lagerfeld - Pixelportrait of the fashion designer. Designed as sub-logo for product graphic usage, interior- and signage purposes as part of the positioning of the Karl Lagerfeld K brand, 2006

Luma Alves, is said that the character of a man is shown when he stares into the abyss...a man finds out who he really is...i found out that the abyss is Love...and it was this abyss that i had been avoiding...

(India, these are your "African roots" and this is where this custom comes from) Ethiopian Karo tribe woman - Many tribes in the Mediteraninan and Middle East wore/wear all their Dowry as jewelry and is worn almost all the time..therefore always having it with them. It was an advertisement as to whether she had a rich family or not, making her more desirable. And, of course, as an adornment to enhance their beauty.