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Students love this rope game with opposing views on lesson topics. They will: ~ open lessons by engaging opposite views ~ add researched opposing...

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What's your Counterpoint? - Secrets of Robust Disagreement

This whole brain kit helps middle, secondary and college students to create outlines that double as a tool for writing opposing view essays. Students are encouraged to think of an outline as an umbrella that blocks rainy interference from damaging your best ideas. An example opposing view outline is included to show students how to support facts on two opposite sides of their essay topics.

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Video Lesson on Sentence Sense

Using this video link and practice exercises students will apply lesson topic ideas in ways that make sentence sense They will use this practice tool to write clear sentences that allow them to speak and feel heard on applicable topics from any lesson.

This Exit Slip is a quick and easy way to assess students' understanding of any lesson! Just give students the topic to fill in at the top and the...

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Creative Writing Activity Bundle

Maybe you are looking to start your own creative writing unit? Or, perhaps you are looking to add to your current repertoire? The following bundle includes a total of 15 differentiated lesson activities that can be incorporated into a variety of grade levels. Students enjoy the variety of the activities as the variation of lessons focus on different elements.

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Create Advanced Multiple Intelligence Adventures

Printable materials here include rubrics that will guide students to plan and complete their multiple intelligence tasks and will help them learn and apply any lesson topics. Since rubrics double as guides to direct student work and criteria to assess their work, students especially enjoy these clear and aligned expectations. Using the handouts your students are encouraged to apply at least five of their eight intelligences in ways that expand their insights on any lesson topic.

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Technology Tasks to Learn with More Brain in Mind

I hope you enjoy these tech tasks designed to blend into lessons so students can research, learn and create online. Find tasks here to: - introduce new students to one another as the term begins, - design videos together, - impersonate others to discover different points of view, - teach peers as they learn themselves, - Twitter what if questions in response to text,

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Verbs: A Comic Lesson With Activities

Free!!! A cartoon lesson that teaches students about verbs. This is a part of a large set of comics

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CCSS Application Tool – with Multiple Intelligence Lesson Tasks

Meet national and state standards with this easy-to-use CCSS Application Tool The tool moves students from lesson content into related actio...

Ad Logic: Analyzing TV Commercials - Prezi Lesson Plan is a fun, engaging activity for getting students to think about persuasive techniques and to...