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Rainbow Loom Frozen , Elsa Elsa .used over 5,000 bands so proud of this Finshed April 18 2014 MADE BY HEATHER OSBORNE CANADA ONTARIO

This would be a cool story! Human Jack and Brunette Elsa (Elsa theory that her hair was like her mothers, if she didn't have her powers) A commoner and a Princess! I love this!

Leaning forward Jack placed his lips gently upon her cool forehead, "Elsa..." Elsa, feeling nothing more then a slight breeze, struggles with her wayward emotions that threaten to over fill her eyes. Her parents were dead. "Conceal, don't feel-" The meek chant is broken when her greif overwhelms her and the room is is instanly in disarray. With the winter winds in her ear she doesn't hear the confession that the cold breezes had carried. "...I love you."

This is a truly remarkable piece of digital CG artwork. Plus I love how Elsa looks in this art style!

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