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Pack a Car Charger: Navigation apps drain your phone quickly so stay topped up with a tiny USB adapter.

The night before leaving charge your phone on top of your luggage, you won’t forget your charger or your phone in the morning. #traveltip

Double Check Your Devices are Charging, it could be a broken or switched outlet, and a dead phone won’t alarm in the morning.

Try slightly jiggling your body when you hit some rough air. Your body movement will counteract with the aircraft and you won’t feel the turbulence so much. No one will notice because everyone is being moved around due to the aircraft movement.

Start your GPS before you get to your rental car that way if the rental is underground you’ll be ready to roll.

Germ Free Remote: Avoid contact with the hotel remote by slipping it into a ice bucket bag or ziplock, complete control without the germs.

#TravelTipTuesday Pack dryer sheets in your luggage. Avoid odors in suitcases and keep clothes smelling fresh throughout the trip by throwing a couple of dryer sheets into your suitcases before traveling.

#TravelTip “In Europe, I highly recommend a private city or museum tours with one of our screened, preferred partners. You will find that you learn more and get a greater in depth knowledge.” – Kelly Dailey

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