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Don't sit around waiting for life to happen. Begin to make it happen. Go out there and love, and laugh. Don't let fear hold you back. Bring your dreams to life because you believe you're worth it. You are!

Don’t wait for good things to happen, get out and make them happen. If you begin to convince your mind, to condition it with confidence you’ll be in a position to create opportunities. #confidence, #quote

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5 Toxic Beliefs That Jeopardise Your Success and Happiness

In your deeper self lies the strength, dedication and bravery to truly begin to bring your dreams to life. #dream, #quote

Take courage in your passions. Take courage in the possibility that on the other side of fear a wonderful life awaits you. Don't waste any more days of your life thinking about what could've been if only you, fill in the blank, were more confident, were more experienced, knew the right people. It's never too late to change your life. You're never too old to live your dream. - read:

Balance comes in the moments you stand up for the life you truly want by making choices that align with that life. #balance, #quotes, #wisdom

If you want something new you have to let go of something old. Don't allow fear to keep you stuck in a life that you really don't want. Be brave enough to say goodbye to failed relationships, negative people, bad habits. You don't always need a plan to decide to let go. Often it's the letting go that will lead you to where you need to go. - read:

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How to Stop Letting Fear Crush Your Dreams

Don’t wait for fear to fade. It will be back with a different name and a new disguise. Whenever you feel it, acknowledge it’s there and decide to see it as foreshadowing something amazing that’s about to be happen. Say to yourself “Yes, I’m feeling afraid, and filled with doubts, but I’m ok. Read :

Say to yourself ‘from now on I’m just going to do my thing’. I won’t be discouraged by criticism, I won’t be swayed by what others say. You’re then set up to act when the people or things you don’t want in your life show up. You're then able to do what makes you happy and be your best self. -read:

from Live Purposefully Now

4 Habits to Help You Get Through the Worst Times of Your Life

Find hope in hardships. Believe in it more than your fears. - read:

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11 Do's And Dont's To Get Motivated And Stay There

Let go of the need to control people or experiences in life, or your career, or love life or health. Just as we can’t sit and stand at the same time, nor can we want and have something at the same time. Wanting control is a bright flashing signal that we feel we don’t have it. #motivational, #happiness, #relationships, #love