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Pg. 153-The first thing I feel is the pain. I can barely open my eyes, and there's a dull throbbing in my face. "Ow," I say to no one in particular. I look at my surroundings, but everything is still pretty blurry. I seem to be in a small gray room. Am I on the Geo's blimp? I try to move but both my hands and feet are tied to the chair I'm sitting on.

If I would be taking the pic I would say Me: say hedgehog All: HEDGEHOG Me:Scourge, Scourge: what Me: finger DOWN Scourge: but chicks like you like it Me: Wait there more like me WERE

Pg. 113-I feel the color drain from my face. "You-you have Manic?" I stammer. He snorts. "No, I'm just going to randomly make him appear out of thin air," he says sarcastically. "Of course I have him!" I instantly send my hands sparking, small random bolts shooting through the air. "Where is he?" I growl. "I'm not talking till I get the emerald," he says stubbornly. "Now, deal or no deal?"