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Oh ok then calm down there Italy

Oh ok then calm down there Italy<<<it's actually "Tu sei la luce del mio mondo, l'arcobaleno in un giorno altrimenti nuvoloso".

Funny tumblr post

Everyone started screaming and I climbed up on a rock and that's the story of how I rode a manatee

My mom realized we been spelling my middle names wrong for years

My mom pulled my birth certificate out and I have been miss spelling my name & middle name for 23 years!

Chloroform, gets me every time. << I'm trying not to cackle and that just made it worse

The hair playing really will make me fall asleep. So does someone else putting makeup on me.

Tumblr- Self Esteem Raiser Comp I already pinned this but.... It's so awesome!!

These are all pretty freaking awesome. I love how everyone on tumble is getting really smooth lately.



forgot the words. Oh maan I love that little rant about Shakespeare at end. I get so pissed when people misquote or interpret his words.

Funny tumblr post http://ibeebz.com

This is an actual quote. This man wants to be president but is incapable of speaking like an adult.