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Review!!! #blond #blondhair #loiras #loiros #loirissimo #loirosdivos #hair #hairtrends #cabelo #cabelodossonhos by jeffersonfonsecamakeup_hair

How to see the best of Bangkok in 1, 2 or 3 days

Living and nonliving things was a quick review this year due to covering it on and off throughout first semester. After we reviewed with making anchor charts, kiddos wrote about it in their journals. #LivingThings #EarthDay | by The Bubbly Blonde

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37 Things You Must Eat at Disney World

Disney Food and Snacks: 37 Things You Must Eat at Disney World


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How to Travel Italy on a Budget

Whether you are heading to Italy to enjoy the fabulous food, to enjoy its varied history or to make the most of the beautiful surroundings, there are plenty of things to do and to savor in the country. However, Italy isn’t the cheapest country to explore, and the costs can easily mount up unless you keep a close eye on what you are spending and plan your trip to avoid excessive spending. #budgettravel #Italy

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Best friend things (32 photos)

call me crazy buuuut my bff and i dont even say anything and we die of laugher

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"Come on, if I had legs instead of these damned, creepy leathery wings, you'd be all like, awwwww, can we keep him, Dad??"

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I Never Thought I Would Fall For a Bad Boy: Luke Hemmings - Chapter 3: Angels in Disguise

IM NOT SUPPOSE TO BE LAUGHING OMFG IM SORRY>>> Its ok Luke... I cant wink either!!!!! A lot of blonde people I hangout with cant wink... we feel your pain..<<THAT'S OFFENSIVE I'M BLONDE AND I CAN WINK PERFECTLY FINE